Gracious • Genuine • JOY 

-People who know me best

About Me 

Hi! My name is Mireya

(Mur, AYE, Uh) if you don't speak Spanish. ;) 

I am a born and bread SWK girl.

I am Mexican American.

I am a momma to 3 beautiful babes.

I am a wife to a delicious man covered in tattoos who works in the oil field.

I love music (all kinds.)

I'm extra awkward.

I'm pretty chill.

Love sarcasm.

I love the Lord the way he loves me. 

Why Photography?

Morning Joy is in honor of my son Eli Joy. In 2016, I lost my son due to birthing trauma following his delivery. Unexpected and soul crushing my family had a mere 13 hours by side until the Lord took him home. I was living the quote "someday all you'll have is pictures to look back on." I realized my dream of photography finally made sense. I treasure those photos of my son, more than any keepsake I've ever had. To have a career in providing that same type of gift to amazing people is the greatest job I could ever have. 


When it comes to photographing clients, I prefer candid's to posed portraits. I love lots of pretty light that shines through and looks like light coming off diamond. I am extra silly and patient all in the same breath. If you like music as much as I do tell me-- we can jam out. I love lots of warm tones, and love both urban and scenic places. I wanna know your name and what you do, What makes you, you. Got rowdy kids-- me too. I will still get you the best picture of them. Got a hubby who hates taking pictures? Me too. I can always make things easy going and quick. I can do pretty much anything. ;) These photos aren't for me, They are FOR YOU. <3 

Three things that describe me...